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1 the action of incorporating a racial or religious group into a community [syn: integrating, desegregation] [ant: segregation]
2 the act of combining into an integral whole; "a consolidation of two corporations"; "after their consolidation the two bills were passed unanimously"; "the defendants asked for a consolidation of the actions against them" [syn: consolidation]
3 an operation used in the calculus whereby the integral of a function is determined

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  1. The act or process of making whole or entire.
  2. The operation of finding the integral of a function.
  3. In evolution, the process by which the manifold is compacted into the relatively simple and permanent; supposed to alternate with differentiation as an agent in development.

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act or process of making whole or entire
  • Croatian: integracija
  • Dutch: integratie
  • Finnish: integraatio, yhdentyminen
  • French: intégration
  • Japanese: 統合, 融合
  • Russian: интеграция
  • Spanish: integración
in analysis
  • Dutch: integratie
  • Finnish: integrointi
  • French: intégration
  • German: Integration
  • Italian: integrazione
  • Japanese: 積分
  • Portuguese: integração
  • Russian: интеграция
  • Swedish: integration, integrering
in evolution




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Integration is a process of combining or accumulating. It may specifically refer to:

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Anschluss, accommodation, adaptation, addition, adjustment, admixture, affiliation, agglomeration, aggregation, agreement, alignment, alliance, alloyage, amalgamation, approximation, assimilation, association, attunement, balancing, blend, blending, cabal, cahoots, cartel, centralization, coadunation, coalescence, coalition, coaptation, colleagueship, collectivity, collegialism, collegiality, combination, combine, combo, comminglement, commingling, commixture, complex, composition, comradeship, confederacy, confederation, confraternity, congeries, conglomeration, conjugation, conjunction, consolidation, conspiracy, coordination, copartnership, copartnery, differentiation, division, eclecticism, ecumenism, embodiment, encompassment, enosis, entirety, equalization, equalizing, equating, equation, equilibration, evening, evening up, evolution, extrapolation, federalization, federation, fellowship, fraternalism, fraternity, fraternization, freemasonry, fusion, harmonization, hookup, identity, immixture, inclusion, incorporation, individuality, indivisibility, intactness, integer, integrality, integrity, interfusion, interlarding, interlardment, interminglement, intermingling, intermixture, interpolation, inversion, inviolability, involution, irreducibility, junction, junta, league, marriage, meld, melding, merger, mingling, mixing, mixture, multiplication, notation, oneness, organic unity, package, package deal, particularity, partnership, pluralism, practice, proportion, purity, reconcilement, reconciliation, reduction, regularization, regulation, selfsameness, simplicity, singleness, singularity, sodality, solidarity, solidification, solidity, sorority, squaring, subtraction, symmetrization, synchronization, syncretism, syndication, syneresis, synthesis, tie-in, tie-up, timing, totality, transformation, undividedness, unification, uniformity, union, uniqueness, unity, univocity, wedding, whole, wholeness
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